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Monday, July 03, 2006

Superman Returns

Call me anti-Superman or anything but I can't say that this Brian Singer adaptation is great. I've seen it twice and appreciated the "divine" elements Singer highlighted in the film but still for me the movie lacked depth and warmth.

The Superman (Routh) did not strike me as a very interesting fellow. He was cold and distant (as if he were still in his planet Kryton) and terribly unemotional. Then there was the chemistry factor (or lack of) between him and Lois Lane. True there was a gap between his disappearance and Lois' being a mother and prospective wife to another man but aside from her nervous fidgeting of cigarettes there was no other indication that she still longed for her ex.

Another downside of the movie was its predeliction for dark scenes. As my brother Mike commented, "You can hardly distinguish him (Superman) from a bat flying." Kevin Spacey's Luthor was superbly portrayed by a criminally-cold megalomaniac but his role in the movie was centrally focused on just discovering the weakness of Superman. It did not in any way propelled the story.

Sorry guys, but I won't be seeing this movie the third time around.


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